Auto Lawn Mower

If you’re like many other homeowners, you hate the chore of spending a Sunday afternoon overheating in the burning summer sun and pouring down sweat while you cut your grass. Mowing the lawn is not only boring and hard work, but it also puts you at the mercy of Mother Nature, who doesn’t seem to be bothered that you have a full-time position, family, and other household chores when she decides to open up with a torrential downpour. Hiring someone else to do it gets costly. You can now get back your weekends and save the recurring expense of paying a neighbor boy to mow for you with the Auto mower Solar Hybrid.

Not any longer just a far off dream, or a science class’s group project, auto mowers have into scientific vegetarian robots that are reliable, largely self sufficient, and don’t leave any junk to clean up later. Picture a small shell-backed machine that awakes itself on demand, comes out of its hutch, looks for rain or wet grass and, when neither are there, quietly goes about the ongoing seasonal task of lawn maintenance. This sounds too good to be true, but that’s not all. That same small mower needs no oil or gasoline; it depends on a diet of electricity cautiously drawn from a high-tech, rechargeable battery pack. Not like many pets though, the robotic mower goes home and feeds itself when it gets hungry.

This new product is for someone who wants an environmentally friendly result, where emission and noise levels minimized. With the auto mower, there is now no call for compost heaps, the grass cuttings generated are so fine that they decompose rapidly, delivering a natural fertilizer for the lawn. Also not like you, the auto mower is also well supplied to work in the rain. Fine for your lawn, great for your conscience and even better for the earth, the mower supplies the best solution for keeping up the perfect lawn.

The great thing about it? It doesn’t produce noise or pollute the air. And you not need to pick up the mowed grass clumps, either! The mower cuts the grass so finely that there is no need to pick it up. It stays on the ground and naturally fertilizes your lawn.

It’s the newness not the noise that will draw attention to the auto mower — the machine is really fairly quiet for a mower. The auto mower’s noise level is around 63 decibels (dB), quieter than a regular power lawn mower’s noise level of 90 to 100 dB. By comparison, breathing is about 10 dB and a jet airplane taking off produces upward of 150 dB. The mower is nearer to the sound of a hair dryer (70 dB) [source: Dangerous Decibels].

Which lawn mower is best for you?

Great Investment

This ingenious lawn mowing robot uses an irregular figure of movement, has a long battery life, and a high ground speed to dynamically mow all parts of the lawn, and it has an interesting method to handle obstacles: if it is rigid and at least six inches tall, like trees or fences, the mower carefully bumps into it, reverses, and goes in another direction; other places, like a flowerbed, are barred from the cutting area by using the perimeter wire.

Robotic lawn mowers are the second largest category of household autonomous robots used presently. A typical robotic lawn mower need the user to set up a border wire around the lawn that patterns the area to be mowed. The lawn cutting robot utilizes this wire to locate the boundary of the area to be trimmed and sometimes to locate a recharging dock. Robotic mowers can maintain up to 5 acres (20,000 m2) of grass.

The convenience, hard work, and time saved makes it worthwhile for homeowners to acquire an auto mower. However, the price tag is considerable and runs in the range of $2000. If the cost of having someone mow your lawn is about $50, it only takes 40 weeks to break even. So go to it and buy your auto mower and, over time, it can work out as a great investment.